Sunday, August 28, 2011

Your Social Networks and their ability to take you higher.

The rise of social networks today is high. Social networks should not be underestimated in the ability they have to change your blogging status from literally nothing to one of the best sites in the ranking system on the internet.
Twitter Power 2.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a TimeSome of the best sites today will testify about the use of social networks to do their marketing, advertising and many other things. 
 Social sites are a prerequisite today as a means of getting your information around the globe, information of any sorts can be routed around the world through sites like Facebook, Flickr, My Space, YouTube, Twitter in an instant, these sites have now become an ammunition used by diverse cultures, and people from various life styles to effect change in what ever doctrines, principles, perceptions, and disciplines. 
 Some of the sites I have used to make a serious impact for my site I will discuss today accompanied with the value they have added to my sites. I will take time to tell you how I use these sites and social web sites to get my work published easily and at a lesser cost than it ought to be.

 1-  Facebook: this being one of the sites that is mostly used every day it has helped me channel traffic through various means.  
Facebook: The Missing Manual (Missing Manuals) (English and English Edition)
Facebook allows you to make widgets for your sites. If your site does not have Facebook widgets such as the like buttons, and others one should endeavour to do so. It helps people acknowledge your work and forward it to other people, making an impact for you that could lead you to a higher level.
 Advertising with Facebook is great: one can make adverts with Facebook in simple steps, for example one could make a fun page for your products or site where people get to review or easily find you. Groups have also been seen to aid people in a certain niche come together and share. For example there are blogging groups, health groups, Christian groups and others. These help you in getting your material out in the world. I share all my posts to my groups and fun pages that are in my niche. Since it goes across many cultures adverts can also be paid for under an agreed scheme between you and Facebook where the adverts will be put out to a certain audience for an  amount of money.
 With Facebook developers, you can create your own widgets and other web applications with their API. It helps you customize software into something that works for you and serves your purpose to your fulfilment. Other statistics like impressions and feedback help you track and know how many people you are impacting with the work you are producing. This would help you evaluate yourself and improve where necessary.

 2-  Twitter: twitter putting up a stiff competition with Facebook is another site that makes socializing so easy. It has made sharing of information through what is known as tweets easy. Tweets can be made to several people around the world. Tweets can be re-tweeted, replied and sent out as links for people to look at. I personally use my Twitter account to post updates on my blog posts out to my followers. It also helps me follow people who are in my niche, and contribute to them accordingly.
 Google+: I am new to this network but it has helped me like twitter to be able to follow a lot of people in my niche, joined serious circles of important people. This aids my exposure for my work

3- Flickr and YouTube: I use mainly these sites to get out my information in form of media. All my sites have been helped by Flickr if I needed to add media such as photos tot he site and slide shows. The accounts are free to use on Flickr and it is easy to learn and use. Facebook helps me get more of my videos out there. Statistics are availed on how my videos are doing and helps me track comments from my viewers.

The Twitter Book4- Delicious and Stumble Upon: These sites I have not really been well acquainted with. I use them some times to share my site URLs with many other people on that site. Its easy to get accounts on any of these social networks where you can share bookmarks, and other information. The accounts are mostly free for these sites except premium accounts which have to be paid for in some instances.
So it is up to you to decide which sites you are going to use to do what ever you would like to do. You have all the freedom.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Indexing Sites: HOW TO:

How to get Indexed:

Getting indexed is very important as we have seen before. The easiest way to get indexed is to use the Google add URL functionality. This is one of the easiest ways to get your website indexed. It is however not as effective as it takes some time for your website to be reviewed and added. The result depends on the schedule of the people who are supposed to index you. In short I would not use this method.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An Hour a DayThere are how ever some other methods that are not that direct but work just fine. Indexing can be done through great linking.  Great links entail Internal linking and External linking; internal linking entails leaving or listing links on your site which makes it easy for the search engine programs to search through the site URLs. List and leave links that lead to the web pages that are on your site. When the Google/ Search engine  program comes to your page its easy for it to easily navigate your site and have all its content indexed easily. This is to certify that not only one of your pages will be found get and errors for the rest.
 Use external linking: what is external linking? When you get back links from other sites to yours it is of your advantage. Its important to have links from other sites to your site. This helps in indexing your sites. With this in mind its very important to get involved in forum chats where you are allowed to leave a link in your signature. Join some forums in your niche and behave to such an extent that you are allowed to add a link back to your site in your post signature.
Use forums, blogs,  on your site. Google and other search engines easily index sites like blogs into their system. Add a blog to your site. Get a blog, which is easy and important in this detail of indexing. This can be availed on many sites as we have seen. Get an account on blogger on which you can publish material in your niche. Through this blog there is interaction about all types of information which will help your site get indexed easily.
 Once you are indexed, it becomes easier to get your page ranked by search engines like Google. This guarantees organic traffic for you and the ranks aids you get more opportunities as far as working on line is concerned.
A lot of information can be found out on indexing and its purposes. It is a great tool for web marketing and traffic channelling. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Site Indexing.

Are you Indexed:
In this journey of blogging I have learnt a lot of things each and every day. Just when I thought I had it going on, I realised there are some important things I had not done that were so crucial.
 I have heard so much about Indexing, key words, I have even used key words a lot of times. Although I have done the above I have come to realize that I was not getting organic traffic.
For beginners, what is organic traffic? What is indexing
When you have a blog there are many ways you can get traffic to come to your blog. Many of the ways we have discussed in the articles on this blog. The ways are many but getting organic traffic is a great way that certifies even more benefits from the search engines.
SEO Made Simple (Second Edition): Strategies For Dominating The World's Largest Search Engine Organic traffic is that traffic that comes to your site through the key words on your site. When I say key words I mean even the name of your site. Say if some one gets to your site through the use of your site name that is organic traffic, or some one getting to your site through the keywords on your site. That is organic traffic.

 What are the advantages of organic traffic?
Before you get organic traffic there are some things you should know about how search engines work. For example Google has a program that surveys your site and and indexes the key words and pages.
Indexing means you get your site URLs kept in the databases of search engines with regard to your key words. There are some other factors that help you get indexed and get good traffic but today we shall look at indexing as a topic alone.
 When you are indexed its easy for search engines to relate searches to your content: here is what happens. Considering your word density and other keywords when some one types a search in a search engine, the algorithms used search their indexes with for the same key words [this gives you the best reason for indexing] it then picks your site according to relevance of the search keywords. Your site will show up first if first you are indexed and second you have great key word density. How do you get indexed?
We shall look at this concept in the next article. Where we shall analyse many reasons and ways you can develop your site to great credibility.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Challenges of a Blogger.

When a blogger the challenges:
The challenges about blogging are numerous, its not an easy job as one may think. There at times comes the proverbial dryness. Those days that you feel you hardly have enough energy to write out an article and get responses. These days come in handy, this pushes you in a spot where you have to think hard or bid farewell to the benefits that your previous hard work could gain you once you persist. I know every one goes through these days. 
 The solutions, I guess is personally developed as different perceptions so different temperaments; personally when I am in the dry period I decide to take a break and reduce on my posting frequency so I get time to think and come up with something great. Others whine and complain, while others choose to blame it on circumstances. The choice is up to you.
 Is the traffic ever enough? and What is the point of traffic at some point? One of the major things you fight with as a young blogger is to gain traffic rank with most traffic engines. I personally think its a great deal and a thrill at the begining but I have come to that point where I need to use this traffic for some monetary benefits.
If one says "Traffic that brings you no return is dead.." I could not agree more  with that person. Think about it; what is the use of large ammounts of traffic when you have  nothing to gain in return? This then brings us to another problem.
 How do I advance with my site? This is another question that boogles peoples minds; and by people I mean bloggers. On top of scams and other means, finding the right medium that will work for you is a hustle. Every one has done it their way, you can take tips integrate them and come up with something that works for you. You have to admit if you are complaining about dryness, I guess using some of the rigolous methods some people have had to use will completely take your energy away.

The normal course and list of questions still stand in the life of a blogger:

1- How do I start the blog?
   This one is normally answered faster than you can imagine. With the latest technology getting a blog up and running is so easy. Quite easier than 1,2,3 I would like to think

2- How do I get traffic?
   One of the things you quickly realise is that you need traffic if you are going to get any where. So how to get the traffic is another confusing question. You need to dedicate a lot of time to differentiate between practices like forums, integrating your sites with social sites, and many others like regitering with directories.

3- What do I do with this traffic?
   This is one of the latest and most confusing in the life of a blogger. "Others have done is and so can I" so you tell yourself but the facts remain. Moving your site from any normal site to a business that brings you returns is a great step that needs to be calculated. Various methods can be used, many have been already established. Therefore its up to you to choose the course you want to take.
4- Niche or no niche? You want to choose if you rather concentrated on one of your interests or one in particular. Its a hard one since either has its benefits. With this one I just decided to take part in what I thought I was passionate about first and exhaust it if indeed its exhaustable then move on to something else. I prefer niche blogs more though since one can easily decide to return since they know what to expect and want

 All in all its best that you continue to work hard at what you are passionate at. Days will come where you will ask your self questions such as these but take heart you shall overcome. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Things I like to keep in Check as a Blogger

Having done some simple time in this blogging world, I have noted particular aspects of blogging that I would like to share because I take them so seriously and they have helped me up to where I am now:

1- You can do anything if you decide to: I think everyone needs a source of inspiration on blogging, how to start a blog and keeping a blog. Personally quoting verses like Philipians 4:13 "I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me" helps push my day a long; therefore I feel there is a great need to have your source of inspiration, something that will keep you going. Its better to do something you are passionate about than waste time following the crowd, impressing people, all which will not give you inner happiness later. Know why you are doing what you are doing and be passionate about it.

2- Results are not going to be seen with in a short while: I have friends, who in consultation are blinded by the expectation, not just normal long time expectations but fast result expectations that are not easy to come across at least when dealing with a blog. As blogger, I have learnt to expect things to change slowly with time and not to exhaust my energy trying to meet my unrealistic expectation. You should know that like any other business that a blog  takes normal time to give results compared to other businesses. If you are looking for quick bucks then you are directing your efforts in the wrong direction on your blog, then you are headed the wrong way.

3- Its a lot of hard work: Yes I am sorry for disappointing you this type of work is also hard. There are no exceptions when it comes to giving it time, researching, sleeping late at night, waking up early morning just to make things work. If you need results you need to work for them. I think this rule applies not only here but for all life experiences. Simply put; a blog is hard work!

The Social Network
4- Socializing: Its a social world out there. Interaction has increased in this technology era more than any statistics I have come across. You have to get out there and interact with people so you can gain popularity for your site and make it grow. Interaction through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs can aid you socialize. "Do something for me and I will do the same for you" this feeling seems to work for more people than I can imagine. Make it a must to follow people, re-tweet their tweets, contribute in forums and you are good to go.

5- Have targets: It would do you no good when you know all the above but you have no decided destination. Set high and realistic targets for yourself. Start with the small ones first such that you do not get frustrated with the big ones first. Remember its one step at a time. Having targets in terms of  traffic flow, personal writing time, how many posts per week, what quality can help you get to your desired targets when worked hard upon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Traffic Controller and on line business strategies Pt 3

Making Extra Money Through Advertising on your Blog.
Advertising, the economic market is a great system and advertising is its life source. Advertising for today's market is so important to the extent that simple space will generate you a reasonable amounts of income. Income can come through websites that help you sell and advertise space for you. As many companies grow today, the demand for advertising space will increase more and more; not to mention the expense of advertising will increase. 

As a blogger there are some things you should know before you begin looking for advertising companies to your site. One of the most important items is how much traffic you have for your blog. If your blog has a reasonable amount of traffic per month it could potentially increase the value of space on your site. For example traffic with in 0-1500 per month, adverts could cost you 8$ per month. There are various statistics on the web that could inform you better on selling advertising space.

 What content can your web accommodate? Advertisers and advertising agencies give adverts in form of banners, flash videos and other scripts. The more of these technologies your website, or blog can handle the better it is for you.
Factors to consider while pricing your advertising space include,  how new your site is, while your site is new and still growing, you want to carefully think of the amount of money you are going to charge the advertising company. While the money may increase as the traffic flow and the rank of your page reduces its very important to consider about the market out there in order to check your competition.
 Many websites can avail such informations and services, those websites include:
    Guerrilla Pr Wired: Waging A Successful Publicity Campaign On-Line, Offline, And Everywhere In Between
  1. Adclays.com
  2. Technorati Engage
  3. Blogvertise.com
  4. Addsella
  5. Reviewme
  6. Bidvertiser
More information can also be found in the best search engines as needed.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Traffic Controller and on line business strategies Pt 2.

Making Money with Affiliate Associations.
As technology grows, the world changes to conform to what is up to date. A lot of commerce today is done on line. There are a lot of online stores. This makes it easy to access a lot of good deals on line.
Due to the increasing competition on the world market, the stronger brands get great attention while the weaker ones are suffocated in the webs monopolistic marketers.
To catch up on the competition, intense advertising is one of the solutions to make it in this very competitive market. Methods like web syndication and affiliate programs have made it on the scene to aid businesses compete favourably. Lots of millions of dollars go into advertising each day.
Businesses that involve web marketing, and blogs have taken advantage of these situations to make some extra money.
Associate programs pay through various methods such as Pay Per Click, Advertising space selling, and many others. Bloggers and other domain holders get a chance to do business with some of the biggest companies around through advertising for them. 
Internet Marketing From The Real Experts
These business owners and retailers are issued special link tracker ids which aid them register their activities with their affiliated programs. They are then paid a percentage commission on the conversions they make depending on whether is Pay per click or other methods. 
There are over 1000 affiliate programs one can join on the internet and get fast on track as fast. Associate programs such as Amazon's can aid you make some money on percentage commission. 
The affiliated companies make it easy for the small business owners to make conversions by availing gadgets, tracked statistics and other development API s   The development of the business depends the biggest percentage on the efforts of the owners. A simple search through Google.com you can get a lot of information on affiliate marketing and websites that avail such chances.


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