Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Line Jobs

Know Your Tools!
Much as the internet may be a great resource, there are numerous people that have taken advantage of those that  do not know their tools well. It is hard for such people to tell the difference between real opportunities and scams. So is there a way one could be able to tell real opportunities from scams?
 The answer is yeah. Today I am going to discuss for you some of the ways you can tell when the website you are visiting is authentic and worthy of you time from the ones you could be wasting your time with.
With tools like Alexa, SEO Book, you will be able to see the rankings of websites by Google, Bing, and Yahoo; being they are the most used search engines that people use in a day.
Search engines such as those above are great technology tools that can help you in this analysis as they collect a lot of information on a daily basis.

I will begin with the Alexa tool. With the Alexa, there has been a revolution in the way you use your search engine. It helps you realise the ranks of the information you are looking for according to sites, for example if I search for Facebook using the Google search engine, the alexa tool will rank for you according to site indexing the number of links you have on your screen and Alexa. The Facebook ranks are so high because it receives over 200,000 visitors per day.
The ranks below the URL links show you the number of visitors the websites have as ranked by Search Engines in the world. You can download the Alexa tool for web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla the latest version. It is a helpful tool that could save you a lot of trouble and help you reduce on the time you waste in making blind searches.
 The SEO tools; to understand this, you have to know that search engines receive a lot of textual searches per day. These text searches are recorded. When naming your articles this Keyword tool that SEO provides will help you see what most people search for and this could help you in naming you articles as the ranks are stated according to the best search engines in the world. If you want your work to appear on top of the search pages lists, for example blog articles this is a great tool to use. For example I have named this article "On Line Jobs" because its one of the most searched for in the best search engines.
 The last tool for today, is the woorank tool that works in Google Chrome and Mozilla (which are advisable to have). This tool helps you see an authentic report of certain sites, it avails enough information for you to make a choice on which site to get involved in.
These tools are downloadable on net, you could search for them and start your test of these tools here.

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