Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to start a blog and make money with internet tools and on line jobs: Pt.1

As my readers I have to make it clear that having a blog and channelling traffic to your blog is not going to get you rich quick. If you intend to get rich quick then this is not a place for you to be.
Search Engines: Information Retrieval in PracticeCreating a blog is today one of the easiest things you can accomplish with in a couple of minutes with sites like blogger.com you can get your own blog up and running in five minutes. Getting a blog is the first step that we have to go through if you dream of becoming a blogger. Here at "E-Trepreneurs" we should aim at getting blogs.
 The major thing to think about after getting the blog is how are you going to channel traffic to it. In simple terms how are you going to get people to come to that blog? Before we get to the money part of the heading, we have to have people come to your blog. Its important that you be informed with the latest methods that can funnel traffic on to your blog. Such tools as keyword suggestions can make life easier.
 Today we are going to look at how to use your words to get traffic to your blog. Words are very important, so to say. One has to know his audience in order to succeed at attracting them. You have to ask yourself questions like. How many times does a person look for these words, phrases in a day? What should I name my article in order for it to  pull good traffic?
 With internet tools and keywords, you can be able to narrow down what words you will use and how many times those words are searched for on the internet. Using tools like the Google  SEO Keyword suggestion tool, one can find out how many times a word is typed into , Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Bing search engines. With such facts its easy to single out authentic titles that can get you readers or followers. Getting really good at this in the long run can earn you credit with search engines as your pages will show first in search engines like Google.
You have to be careful the way you name your articles taking example of my title today:
How to start a blog and make money with internet tools and on line jobs.
The above underlined words are searched for more than 824 times for three search engines combined. Adding all of them in one title gives me a great chance to traffic people to my page.

1- I would love to hear your comments on the articles written here and criticisms. Please leave your site name so I can follow some of your work.
2- Through what I would call incentive sites you can be encouraged to refer peolple as a means of earning. This could aid you train to funnel traffic. Sign up at sites as these.
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  1. Nice idea really nice...am soon setting up mine but first doing some preliminary work....i Love The whole Concept of it...Actually gat aPdf with victor about channeling traffic en all that...its really worth tryng out...

  2. Thanks collins you are the first of your kind to see the comments link...hehe Its definitely worth it..I will go hard at it...every day...



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