Saturday, July 30, 2011

How to start a blog and make money with internet tools and on line jobs: Pt.2

The Power of social networks.
Last time we looked as what your words can do for you. I guess the person that said "watch what you say" in this case "watch what you write" was right.
For beginners we have looked at how to get the blog, use a few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills. SEO tools can do a great deal for you. In the long run your page will be indexed by the search engines and it can lead a lot of traffic to your site.
 Some of the easiest ways to draw traffic to your web are just under your nose. Today we are going to look at Social networks. I am sure when we talk of social networks for those us who have been on internet Facebook comes into mind. Well that is just to mention one, there is twitter, my space, forum pages, blog sites, Yahoo answers(something I discovered recently). Generally social sites have some form of human interaction and sharing. Social networks are so far the one of the most easy way to funnel traffic to your web. With networks like Face book which has over 4 billion subscribers around the world you can get all the traffic you need on your site. Many people do not realise but the friends who you have on your social network sites are your first treasure. Having just half of your friends link to your web can do you wonders. So how do you get your friends to come to your web?
The Hidden Power of Social Networks: Understanding How Work Really Gets Done in Organizations Facebook for example has the ability to send feed, messages, updates to thousands of people. You could write to your friends for support, you could join groups such as E-Trepreneurs on face book its free.These people  who have other friends on their lists  can actually get your site on the map. Think about having 10 friends on face book who have 20 friends who have 30 friends who have 23 friends. Its an exponential algorithm you are bound to get some traffic. You can also contribute to some forums in your niche, comment on other blogs and answer questions on Yahoo Answers. Your traffic will flow easily and slowly.

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  1. Thank you so much. that really helped. I would however like for u to tell me something about link placement

  2. You are welcome, link placement that sounds like a broad question. Do you mind breaking it down for me..alot of ideas flow through my head when you say link placement. Please get back to me on that.

  3. As in, how do you place links on your blog?!

  4. David, for example when you sign up with associate sites like Amazon you will be able to get affiliate links from them which you can then place on your site for people to click.
    Another way is to internally link all the information you need and have on your web pages internally the difference comes in blog rolls and internal links.



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