Monday, August 1, 2011

How to start a blog and make money with internet tools and on line jobs: Pt.3

Socializing! Socializing! Socializing!

One of the fundamental principles you have to know is this world is becoming a global world. There is a social network every where. This brings us to the point that if you want to get out of your bubble and be up to date, you need to socialize. Socializing is one of the quickest ways to get traffic flowing from every where you go.
 This I do not entirely mean on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. As a beginning blogger you have to visit other blogs, follow them, and comment on their work if you want to be followed to.
Events such as forums, book marking websites, blog directories and blog carnivals are to be put into consideration if you want to be followed consistently by your audience. So as a blogger you need to take time and invest in other bloggers, join sites with in your niche, people who think the same way you do.
There are thousands of blog directories through which you can post your blog get it reviewed and get back links to your website. By using some of the search engines like Google you can access the most active blog directories and subscribe to them.
 Do guest posting, people do guest posting as they write on other peoples blogs. Writing on for other famous and high traffic blogs can earn you serious traffic to your website.
Sterling Silver Diamond Accented Bracelet To succeed at what I am trying to achieve I have a list of 10 things I have to do everyday in order to increase my traffic and one of those things is contributing to others work. You can contribute on various sites, depending on which  target you have. 
 All in all the blogging business needs intense hard work and time, you need to work on it every day if do not want to see your blog sink.
 Since we have downsized the beginning process, we are now going to attack the topic of monetizing your blog. Just to go through the basics.
1- Get Blog/ Create Blog.
2- Channel Traffic.
3- Monetize Blog
 We are now going to look at how to make that money with your blog. Again this is not a get rich project it takes a lot of time and tactic. I need your support as well. 

1- I would love to hear your comments on the articles written here and criticisms. Please leave your site name so I can follow some of your work.
2- Through what I would call incentive sites you can be encouraged to refer peolple as a means of earning. This could aid you train to funnel traffic. Sign up at sites as these.
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