Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Internet tools,on line jobs and traffic controllers.

Traffic Controllers
It feels great when you work hard at something and get back serious results. We have been looking at how to make your blog work for you and just as a summary today we shall look at those tips and some other information on traffic channelling.

Apple MacBook Pro MC700LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop1- First and foremost: we saw about the Google tools that could help you do a great deal of work. Tools such as Google Analytics, web master tools, RSS feed reader, and a whole list. These can help you monitor your  time and see the progress you are making. For bloggers I would recommend the Google Analytics tool. This helps you keep track of your visitors. Information on who sees your page, where they come from and other things like how much time they spend on each page. Typing any of these tools in the Google search bar can get you quick results.  They are some of the greatest traffic controllers.

Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (32GB)2- Think differently: stop wasting time on the internet chatting and sending messages. As an entrepreneur use your time and let each click count. You have a wide range of directories through which you can promote your site. Work on it hard. By accessing  directories you can put your site out there. Each click and link matters. Think of the internet as a means to an end.

3-Be unique, publish content that is unique that speaks to your audience.  Write articles that will make people come back several times. I would advice you to get your niche and write in that direction. Its good to have something you are passionate about. Is it architecture, politics, Software, Working on line, Blogging? Take it to another level there are people out there waiting for your views.

4- Use words carefully: we looked at the power of words in How to start a blog and make money with internet tools and on line jobs Pt 1. Some useful tools could be key word research. This site has worked some magic for me as far as naming my articles is concerned. I have no big worries that my articles will be picked up in search engines each day. Research and use clear words. Key words called anchors in your body text can also be picked up by the search spiders for example traffic controllers appearing in my text increases the chances my blog will be picked and read.

5- Use social websites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Blokube, submit your articles to carnivals of your niche. Websites like Blogcarnival can help you get to your audience easily.
Contribute in forums, forums of your niche can aid you get ideas on things to do and build you. Do guest writing, this is working for your benefit. Links back to your site are made that help increase the traffic that you need. Join affiliate programs, these can also aid you generate traffic. Join Yahoo answers to get access to over 1 million readers.

Nokia N8006- Publicize your blog at least 5 times each day. This came to me as a shock but I try today to put my updates at least 5 times. You can ping other blog directories to give them a nudge on your updated blog. it is free and it aids in traffic generation. 

7- You can also buy traffic: you can have SEO optimization done for you at a fee from some specialized sites. This  can do wonders for you but you should be careful not to be scammed. Those are some of the few ways that have helped me generate traffic to my blog.

1- I would love to hear your comments on the articles written here and criticisms. Please leave your site name so I can follow some of your work.
2- Through what I would call incentive sites you can be encouraged to refer peolple as a means of earning. This could aid you train to funnel traffic. Sign up at sites as these.
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