Friday, August 5, 2011

Traffic Controller and on line business strategies Pt 1.

Making Your Way With Google Ad-sense:
After looking at several ways to get traffic to your site, its time to get to the interesting part of it all. The part where you monetize your blog. The part where your blog makes you some cash. There are several ways  you can make cash by the use of cut edge technology over the internet. 
 Google Ad-sense is one of the ways you can make extra money. Google's Ad-sense is an advertising scheme used by Google where Google places adverts on your webpage, depending on your traffic you are paid on how many people have clicked their adverts. The more traffic you have coming to your site the more you get your ad-sense adverts clicked.
 However Google has strict policies on how you are to use their system. The strict policies should be well read and understood before applying for an ad-sense account. For example clicking your own links is not allowed and using click enticing software is not allowed either.
 What Google does, it places adverts contextually, that is the adverts depend on what you are writing about. If you are writing about "weight loss", then more adverts on "weight loss" schemes will appear on your site. In order not to confuse the program that places adverts, the blogger should use keywords, key words for example "shoes" helps Google understand what you are writing about and eventually places adverts according to what you have written.
 Google does not reveal how much each click will pay you, the clicks may vary in cents and dollars depending on the companies but it mostly depends on your click through rate.
The Google Story: For Google's 10th Birthday Google has also a program "Search for ad-sense" you get paid when some one uses a search tool placed on your blog by Google and buys something. Note: you do not get paid for the search but for the follow through to buy something.
 Eventually Google Ad-sense has become one of the best income generators and a great advertising tool for companies.
 For advertisers, or bloggers that would love to a advertise their blogs, Google ad-words helps you design adverts depending on keywords. These adverts are paid for and are displayed on blogs and sites in that niche,  so this is a way to get consistent and increasing traffic for your site; when links are placed on sites in the same niche.
 You can easily get an Ad-sense account and the other accounts that supplement it easily by Google. Start by getting a gmail account and then Google search the rest of the services they include in that package for example, Google Analytic, SEObook, Google-reader, Google buzz, Google Webmaster tools and others. All which will help you uplift your blogging experience.
For any questions please leave a comment and I will reply to your queries.

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