Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Traffic Controller and on line business strategies Pt 3

Making Extra Money Through Advertising on your Blog.
Advertising, the economic market is a great system and advertising is its life source. Advertising for today's market is so important to the extent that simple space will generate you a reasonable amounts of income. Income can come through websites that help you sell and advertise space for you. As many companies grow today, the demand for advertising space will increase more and more; not to mention the expense of advertising will increase. 

As a blogger there are some things you should know before you begin looking for advertising companies to your site. One of the most important items is how much traffic you have for your blog. If your blog has a reasonable amount of traffic per month it could potentially increase the value of space on your site. For example traffic with in 0-1500 per month, adverts could cost you 8$ per month. There are various statistics on the web that could inform you better on selling advertising space.

 What content can your web accommodate? Advertisers and advertising agencies give adverts in form of banners, flash videos and other scripts. The more of these technologies your website, or blog can handle the better it is for you.
Factors to consider while pricing your advertising space include,  how new your site is, while your site is new and still growing, you want to carefully think of the amount of money you are going to charge the advertising company. While the money may increase as the traffic flow and the rank of your page reduces its very important to consider about the market out there in order to check your competition.
 Many websites can avail such informations and services, those websites include:
    Guerrilla Pr Wired: Waging A Successful Publicity Campaign On-Line, Offline, And Everywhere In Between
  1. Adclays.com
  2. Technorati Engage
  3. Blogvertise.com
  4. Addsella
  5. Reviewme
  6. Bidvertiser
More information can also be found in the best search engines as needed.

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