Saturday, August 13, 2011

Things I like to keep in Check as a Blogger

Having done some simple time in this blogging world, I have noted particular aspects of blogging that I would like to share because I take them so seriously and they have helped me up to where I am now:

1- You can do anything if you decide to: I think everyone needs a source of inspiration on blogging, how to start a blog and keeping a blog. Personally quoting verses like Philipians 4:13 "I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me" helps push my day a long; therefore I feel there is a great need to have your source of inspiration, something that will keep you going. Its better to do something you are passionate about than waste time following the crowd, impressing people, all which will not give you inner happiness later. Know why you are doing what you are doing and be passionate about it.

2- Results are not going to be seen with in a short while: I have friends, who in consultation are blinded by the expectation, not just normal long time expectations but fast result expectations that are not easy to come across at least when dealing with a blog. As blogger, I have learnt to expect things to change slowly with time and not to exhaust my energy trying to meet my unrealistic expectation. You should know that like any other business that a blog  takes normal time to give results compared to other businesses. If you are looking for quick bucks then you are directing your efforts in the wrong direction on your blog, then you are headed the wrong way.

3- Its a lot of hard work: Yes I am sorry for disappointing you this type of work is also hard. There are no exceptions when it comes to giving it time, researching, sleeping late at night, waking up early morning just to make things work. If you need results you need to work for them. I think this rule applies not only here but for all life experiences. Simply put; a blog is hard work!

The Social Network
4- Socializing: Its a social world out there. Interaction has increased in this technology era more than any statistics I have come across. You have to get out there and interact with people so you can gain popularity for your site and make it grow. Interaction through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs can aid you socialize. "Do something for me and I will do the same for you" this feeling seems to work for more people than I can imagine. Make it a must to follow people, re-tweet their tweets, contribute in forums and you are good to go.

5- Have targets: It would do you no good when you know all the above but you have no decided destination. Set high and realistic targets for yourself. Start with the small ones first such that you do not get frustrated with the big ones first. Remember its one step at a time. Having targets in terms of  traffic flow, personal writing time, how many posts per week, what quality can help you get to your desired targets when worked hard upon.


  1. Thanks for putting me in the right place as regards what we need to know as bloggers. Am appreciating this blog more each day. Just that am still still have the subscription task i told you about.

  2. Well its good to know that you follow my blogs my friend. It turns up my day. Thx for following. Cnt wait to post the new post..



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