Friday, August 19, 2011

The Challenges of a Blogger.

When a blogger the challenges:
The challenges about blogging are numerous, its not an easy job as one may think. There at times comes the proverbial dryness. Those days that you feel you hardly have enough energy to write out an article and get responses. These days come in handy, this pushes you in a spot where you have to think hard or bid farewell to the benefits that your previous hard work could gain you once you persist. I know every one goes through these days. 
 The solutions, I guess is personally developed as different perceptions so different temperaments; personally when I am in the dry period I decide to take a break and reduce on my posting frequency so I get time to think and come up with something great. Others whine and complain, while others choose to blame it on circumstances. The choice is up to you.
 Is the traffic ever enough? and What is the point of traffic at some point? One of the major things you fight with as a young blogger is to gain traffic rank with most traffic engines. I personally think its a great deal and a thrill at the begining but I have come to that point where I need to use this traffic for some monetary benefits.
If one says "Traffic that brings you no return is dead.." I could not agree more  with that person. Think about it; what is the use of large ammounts of traffic when you have  nothing to gain in return? This then brings us to another problem.
 How do I advance with my site? This is another question that boogles peoples minds; and by people I mean bloggers. On top of scams and other means, finding the right medium that will work for you is a hustle. Every one has done it their way, you can take tips integrate them and come up with something that works for you. You have to admit if you are complaining about dryness, I guess using some of the rigolous methods some people have had to use will completely take your energy away.

The normal course and list of questions still stand in the life of a blogger:

1- How do I start the blog?
   This one is normally answered faster than you can imagine. With the latest technology getting a blog up and running is so easy. Quite easier than 1,2,3 I would like to think

2- How do I get traffic?
   One of the things you quickly realise is that you need traffic if you are going to get any where. So how to get the traffic is another confusing question. You need to dedicate a lot of time to differentiate between practices like forums, integrating your sites with social sites, and many others like regitering with directories.

3- What do I do with this traffic?
   This is one of the latest and most confusing in the life of a blogger. "Others have done is and so can I" so you tell yourself but the facts remain. Moving your site from any normal site to a business that brings you returns is a great step that needs to be calculated. Various methods can be used, many have been already established. Therefore its up to you to choose the course you want to take.
4- Niche or no niche? You want to choose if you rather concentrated on one of your interests or one in particular. Its a hard one since either has its benefits. With this one I just decided to take part in what I thought I was passionate about first and exhaust it if indeed its exhaustable then move on to something else. I prefer niche blogs more though since one can easily decide to return since they know what to expect and want

 All in all its best that you continue to work hard at what you are passionate at. Days will come where you will ask your self questions such as these but take heart you shall overcome. 

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