Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Site Indexing.

Are you Indexed:
In this journey of blogging I have learnt a lot of things each and every day. Just when I thought I had it going on, I realised there are some important things I had not done that were so crucial.
 I have heard so much about Indexing, key words, I have even used key words a lot of times. Although I have done the above I have come to realize that I was not getting organic traffic.
For beginners, what is organic traffic? What is indexing
When you have a blog there are many ways you can get traffic to come to your blog. Many of the ways we have discussed in the articles on this blog. The ways are many but getting organic traffic is a great way that certifies even more benefits from the search engines.
SEO Made Simple (Second Edition): Strategies For Dominating The World's Largest Search Engine Organic traffic is that traffic that comes to your site through the key words on your site. When I say key words I mean even the name of your site. Say if some one gets to your site through the use of your site name that is organic traffic, or some one getting to your site through the keywords on your site. That is organic traffic.

 What are the advantages of organic traffic?
Before you get organic traffic there are some things you should know about how search engines work. For example Google has a program that surveys your site and and indexes the key words and pages.
Indexing means you get your site URLs kept in the databases of search engines with regard to your key words. There are some other factors that help you get indexed and get good traffic but today we shall look at indexing as a topic alone.
 When you are indexed its easy for search engines to relate searches to your content: here is what happens. Considering your word density and other keywords when some one types a search in a search engine, the algorithms used search their indexes with for the same key words [this gives you the best reason for indexing] it then picks your site according to relevance of the search keywords. Your site will show up first if first you are indexed and second you have great key word density. How do you get indexed?
We shall look at this concept in the next article. Where we shall analyse many reasons and ways you can develop your site to great credibility.

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