Friday, August 26, 2011

Indexing Sites: HOW TO:

How to get Indexed:

Getting indexed is very important as we have seen before. The easiest way to get indexed is to use the Google add URL functionality. This is one of the easiest ways to get your website indexed. It is however not as effective as it takes some time for your website to be reviewed and added. The result depends on the schedule of the people who are supposed to index you. In short I would not use this method.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An Hour a DayThere are how ever some other methods that are not that direct but work just fine. Indexing can be done through great linking.  Great links entail Internal linking and External linking; internal linking entails leaving or listing links on your site which makes it easy for the search engine programs to search through the site URLs. List and leave links that lead to the web pages that are on your site. When the Google/ Search engine  program comes to your page its easy for it to easily navigate your site and have all its content indexed easily. This is to certify that not only one of your pages will be found get and errors for the rest.
 Use external linking: what is external linking? When you get back links from other sites to yours it is of your advantage. Its important to have links from other sites to your site. This helps in indexing your sites. With this in mind its very important to get involved in forum chats where you are allowed to leave a link in your signature. Join some forums in your niche and behave to such an extent that you are allowed to add a link back to your site in your post signature.
Use forums, blogs,  on your site. Google and other search engines easily index sites like blogs into their system. Add a blog to your site. Get a blog, which is easy and important in this detail of indexing. This can be availed on many sites as we have seen. Get an account on blogger on which you can publish material in your niche. Through this blog there is interaction about all types of information which will help your site get indexed easily.
 Once you are indexed, it becomes easier to get your page ranked by search engines like Google. This guarantees organic traffic for you and the ranks aids you get more opportunities as far as working on line is concerned.
A lot of information can be found out on indexing and its purposes. It is a great tool for web marketing and traffic channelling. 

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