Sunday, August 28, 2011

Your Social Networks and their ability to take you higher.

The rise of social networks today is high. Social networks should not be underestimated in the ability they have to change your blogging status from literally nothing to one of the best sites in the ranking system on the internet.
Twitter Power 2.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a TimeSome of the best sites today will testify about the use of social networks to do their marketing, advertising and many other things. 
 Social sites are a prerequisite today as a means of getting your information around the globe, information of any sorts can be routed around the world through sites like Facebook, Flickr, My Space, YouTube, Twitter in an instant, these sites have now become an ammunition used by diverse cultures, and people from various life styles to effect change in what ever doctrines, principles, perceptions, and disciplines. 
 Some of the sites I have used to make a serious impact for my site I will discuss today accompanied with the value they have added to my sites. I will take time to tell you how I use these sites and social web sites to get my work published easily and at a lesser cost than it ought to be.

 1-  Facebook: this being one of the sites that is mostly used every day it has helped me channel traffic through various means.  
Facebook: The Missing Manual (Missing Manuals) (English and English Edition)
Facebook allows you to make widgets for your sites. If your site does not have Facebook widgets such as the like buttons, and others one should endeavour to do so. It helps people acknowledge your work and forward it to other people, making an impact for you that could lead you to a higher level.
 Advertising with Facebook is great: one can make adverts with Facebook in simple steps, for example one could make a fun page for your products or site where people get to review or easily find you. Groups have also been seen to aid people in a certain niche come together and share. For example there are blogging groups, health groups, Christian groups and others. These help you in getting your material out in the world. I share all my posts to my groups and fun pages that are in my niche. Since it goes across many cultures adverts can also be paid for under an agreed scheme between you and Facebook where the adverts will be put out to a certain audience for an  amount of money.
 With Facebook developers, you can create your own widgets and other web applications with their API. It helps you customize software into something that works for you and serves your purpose to your fulfilment. Other statistics like impressions and feedback help you track and know how many people you are impacting with the work you are producing. This would help you evaluate yourself and improve where necessary.

 2-  Twitter: twitter putting up a stiff competition with Facebook is another site that makes socializing so easy. It has made sharing of information through what is known as tweets easy. Tweets can be made to several people around the world. Tweets can be re-tweeted, replied and sent out as links for people to look at. I personally use my Twitter account to post updates on my blog posts out to my followers. It also helps me follow people who are in my niche, and contribute to them accordingly.
 Google+: I am new to this network but it has helped me like twitter to be able to follow a lot of people in my niche, joined serious circles of important people. This aids my exposure for my work

3- Flickr and YouTube: I use mainly these sites to get out my information in form of media. All my sites have been helped by Flickr if I needed to add media such as photos tot he site and slide shows. The accounts are free to use on Flickr and it is easy to learn and use. Facebook helps me get more of my videos out there. Statistics are availed on how my videos are doing and helps me track comments from my viewers.

The Twitter Book4- Delicious and Stumble Upon: These sites I have not really been well acquainted with. I use them some times to share my site URLs with many other people on that site. Its easy to get accounts on any of these social networks where you can share bookmarks, and other information. The accounts are mostly free for these sites except premium accounts which have to be paid for in some instances.
So it is up to you to decide which sites you are going to use to do what ever you would like to do. You have all the freedom.


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